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Our Next Program - September 18th

"Thaddeus Lowe and the U.S. Balloon Corps"

Presented by: Steven and Patrice Demory

Thaddeus Lowe .

U.S. Balloon Corps Presentation Announcement
What was the U.S. Balloon Corps, and why is it considered the forerunner of today's Air Force? Steve and Patrice Demory will answer this question when they present: “Thaddeus Lowe and the U.S. Balloon Corps," a little known aspect of the American Civil War. Who was Thaddeus Lowe before the Civil War, and what led to his founding of the Corps? What was the tactical use of “aerostats” in battle? Were the Confederates also interested in the tactical advantages of balloons, and what was a Confederate "Silk Dress" balloon? How did Professor Lowe become known as, "The Most Shot at Man in the Civil War?" Who is credited with the: * First use of Airborne Telegraph? * Builing and operating the First Aircraft Carrier? * Developing Mobile Hydrogen Gas Generators to Inflate Balloons in the Field? * Inventing Aerial Artillery Spotting? * Revolutionizing the science of map making? Come and learn the answers to these questions, and about Professor Lowe's post-war achievements, his residency in Pasadena, his contributions to Southern California, and the building of the Mount Lowe Railway.

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Meeting Schedule for 2018 and 2019

18 Sept 2018
Steven and Patrice Demory
“Thaddeus Lowe and the U.S. Balloon Corps”
16 Oct 2018
Jay Kelly
“Railroads of the Civil War”
20 Nov 2018
Sarah Kay Bierle
“Then Christmas Came: The Justification and Condemnation of War in 1862”
18 Dec 2018
Jay Wertz
“Jubal Early’s 1864 Raid”
15 Jan 2019
Dave Schrader
“Blockaders and Blockade-Runners: The Anaconda Plan in Action ”
19 Feb 2019
Bruce Smith
“Life of a Union Cavalryman”
19 Mar 2019
16 April 2019
14 May 2019
18 June 2019