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June 2017

Greetings and Salutations,

At our May meeting, our Round Table members were treated to a wonderful presentation, by our own Dr. Dave Schrader, who educated us about diplomacy in the Civil War. We all learned a lot about the efforts of the Confederate government to gain the support of European nations, and how the Union tried to get the Europeans to remain neutral. As always, Dave made his talk very interesting and informative.


The Round Table’s bylaws require that we conduct an election of officers at our June meeting. We had a major breakthrough at our May meeting, so there will be some changes in our officers. The only position, where I keep hoping for another volunteer, is that of the President. I have done my four years, and do not have a need for four more years, or even one more year. So, if you are a member, please consider volunteering, to serve the other members, by doing a little work to keep the Round Table going. Members--no matter what, please come to vote in this very important election. If you are not a member, please come anyway, and witness democracy at its finest.


Please click on the Civil War Events tab, to see information about some very interesting events that are coming soon, in our area. You can find more information about these events by clicking on the “Civil War Events” tab, at the top of this page.

Our next and last meeting of this year will be on June 20th. Our speaker will be none other than yours truly. I will be presenting my new talk, entitled, "James Garfield--Unsung Hero and Martyred President." Come and be enlightened, and even entertained, while learning about this truly amazing American, who has all but been forgotten.

If you have not been to one of our meetings, there is no fee, and everyone is welcome. You need not be a Civil War buff, just someone interested in our Nation’s history. Directions to our meetings can be found under the “How to Find Us” tab.

Respectfully Yours,

      Dean Smith

     President, LACWRT