Presented by Frank Mitchell



Meet Our Speakers:

Frank Mitchell is a local amateur historian, who has been studying US history since he was in junior high school. An honors graduate in history from Pepperdine University, Frank has a collection of more than 2,000 books on history--most of which are on the Civil War and the people involved. He has lectured on US history, from the American Revolution through the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, but most of his presentations have been on the Civil War. Frank has an extensive collection of memorabilia from the American Revolution on--including a British redcoat uniform, a uniform worn by the officer that guarded Mary Surratt, guns, field equipment, and much more. He also has an extensive collection of autographs, including all of Lincoln's cabinet members, and almost all of Jeff Davis’ cabinet, as well as a lot of generals, including a letter from McClellan to his wife, in which he degrades Abraham Lincoln.