"The H.L. Hunley – The First Submarine to Sink a Warship"

Presented by Linda Clarke


Meet Our Speaker

Linda Clarke recently completed her M.A. in Military History/Civil War. Linda has been an avid Civil War buff since 1993, having spent much time on most of the major battlefields and participating in many of the 150th anniversary commemorations. After retiring from her job at 20th Century Fox at the end of this year, she plans to devote all of her time to Civil War research for presentations, articles, books, and possibly teaching. Linda is also the Treasurer of the Los Angeles Civil War Round Table.

About the H. L. Hunley

"The H.L. Hunley – The First Submarine to Sink a Warship.” On February 17, 1864, in the fourth year of the American Civil War, the Confederate submarine the "H.L. Hunley," sank the Union warship "Housatonic" in Charleston Harbor. This was the first sinking of an enemy ship by a submarine in combat in world history. The Hunley mysteriously disappeared on its return trip to dock and was lost for 131 years. Novelist and adventurer Clive Cussler discovered the submarine in April of 1995.

Discussed will be the saga of the design and invention of the Hunley, the loss of two crews to drowning during development and testing, the sinking of the Housatonic, and the mysterious loss of the submarine and crew on its return trip. Also discussed will be the expeditions to find the Hunley, its discovery and recovery, and the ongoing efforts to restore it.